Team Charter

As a member of the Stature ARW Accounting team, I commit to:

  • Be professional and respectful in my conduct and communication with others at all times - both with our clients and with team members.
  • Being mindful of others - respecting each other’s work space and by being conscious of others’ workload. Offer assistance to team mates when you can!
  • Being considerate in what we say and how we give feedback – both to team members and to clients.
  • Pro-actively using my skills and knowledge to assist the rest of the team and for the benefit of our clients
  • Think like a business owner - continually strive towards improvement of business practices & processes
  • Having a passion for the wellbeing of our clients - through initiatives such as aligning business outcomes with client satisfaction
  • Praise in public, criticize in private
  • Exhibit grace under pressure
  • Take pride in my own work and be accountable for it

Contact us

Sydney City
Level 4
92 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Hills District
25 Terminus Street
Castle Hill

Ph:  02 8256 2100
Fax: 02 9231 2199


Ph:  02 9899 3977
Fax: 02 9899 3832

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